Do you want to mine your own Bitcoins or other cryptovaluta? Without enduring the noise and a high energy bill? It’s all possible at!

Service & Support

We are every working day during office hours by telephone and e-mail available. And usually even in the evening and at the weekend, just try it!


Miner down? Miner down? No problem, our systems automatically give a message and they are up again!


Optionally, we can monitor and optimize your miner. By continuously checking which pools and coins yield the most, we provide a yield that can be 100-300 euros per month more than if you manage it yourself.

No more nuisance at home

No more noise and heat at home, your miner is in a controlled environment in our specially built mining farm.

Clear dashboard

Through our special login page you can follow your own miner(s), how hard do they work for you, what do they cost and above all, what do they deliver!

Start mining immediately!

Bring your own miner at one of our collection points in Almelo or Rotterdam and start earning money today! Do you also buy your miner at Then you get a 10% discount on the purchase! That saves you a few weeks mines! :-).

We offer the following Miners