Do you want to mine your own Bitcoins or other cryptovaluta? Without enduring the noise and a high energy bill?It’s all possible at

In 2017 was founded by five enthusiastic men named Sebastian, Jos, Dennis, Bart and Herman. The founders had noticed that in their circle of customers and friends a certain interest was evolving for mining by yourself. This invigorated the idea to provide a solid service in mine hosting. At that time there were hardly any companies or parties who could provide this service.

Nowadays can count hundreds of satisfied customers to their clientele. Customers who storage their own miners, or miners bought through, in a safe and trustworthy environment. not only works in The Netherlands but expands its wings worldwide. This makes mining possible for anyone!

How does it works?Very simple:

Bring your own miner to one of our drop-off points in the cities Amelo or Rotterdam in The Netherlands. And start making money by that time tomorrow!

Besides hosting we are offering an extra service for our clients of buying them the best miners in the business.

Find your miner at Hostingpakket samenstellen (building hosting package) No luck finding your miner? Please contact us at for more information.