Baikal Giant X10 Asic Miner (X11, NIST5, Quark, Qubit, Myriad/Groest, Skein)

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Baikal Giant X10
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The Baikal Giant X10 Asic Miner is currently a highly profitable Asic miner with low power consumption!

De Giant X10 can mine the following Algoritmes with Hash Rate Power:

- X11 10 GH/s (630 watt)
- Quark 10 GH/s (360 watt)
- Qubit 10 GH/s (390 watt)
- Myriad/Groestl 10 GH/s (150 watt)
- Skein 5 GH/s (120 watt)

Size: 312x125x130 mm (lxbxh)
Weight: 3800 gram

BaikalBaikal factory warrenty
There is an 45 days warranty on the miner garanteed by the factory upon the moment of shipment.

This warrenty will be omitted in the following situations:
• Incinerated parts on the hash board or the chips
• Water damage
• Removal and/or replacement of any of the elements by yourself without consulting
• Wrongfull supply voltage, lightning and/or electrical surge.

Powersupply (UPS)
Inclusief Surma 1900 watt powersupply.

However the actual power consumption of the miner may deviate at all times, especially when the ambient temperature is too high or when you choose to use a different power supply than the Bitmain APW.

Obviously is the hosting of this miner possible at!

And surely we will provide you with the suitable power supply..


More Information
Algorithme Lyra2REv2, NIST5, Groestl, X11, Quark, Qbit, Skein, X11ghost
Levertijd 1-5 Werkdagen
Power (watt) 630
hashrate (MH/s) 10000
coins BTC (Bitcoin)
type ASIC
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