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We offer the following Mining Hosting starter packages with Prepaid Credit (including 21% VAT):

A Mining Hosting Agreement consists of the following parts


Your miner gets a place in our data center. The rental costs are € 2, - to € 4, - per day incl. VAT, these are deducted from your credit. If you opt for hosting without optimization you get access to your own miner via a management panel and you are responsible for managing it yourself.


The electricity costs that are actually consumed by your miner are deducted daily from the prepaid credit. We buy the electricity and can therefore offer a tariff of € 0.1445 per kwh, which is on average 25% cheaper than at home and only € 1, - to 5, - per day (depending on your type of miner).


Optionally, we can monitor and optimize your miner. By continuously checking which pools and coins yield the most, we provide a yield that can be € 100, - to 300, - per month more than if you manage it yourself. We ask for 10% of the daily revenue, so that this can always be done!

When purchasing a Mining Hosting starter package you enter into an agreement for at least a year, after which it can be terminated on a monthly basis.

Prepaid Mining Credits

Easily manage your credit.

You must ensure sufficient Prepaid Credit on your account.

Our prepaid packages cost € 300, - inc. VAT and when purchasing 5 packages (about half a year of hosting at an S9) you get a 5% discount and when you purchase 10 packages you even get 10% (about a year of hosting at an S9). That way you will earn even more! Do you also buy your miner with us? Then you get a 10% discount on the purchase! That saves you a few weeks mines! :-)

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